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Norveg - a center for the culture and industry of the Norwegian coastline
Norveg - a center for the culture and industry of the Norwegian coastline
Big adventures still happen in little Rørvik! In the summer of 2004, King Harald and Queen Sonja launched the most spectacular building in the harbour; NORVEG - center for coastal industry. Some of the bulidings central to Rørvik`s history are still preserved in the heart of Rørvik by the canal and museum. Along whith Norveg these make up part of the Coastal Museum`s collections.

Norveg is already a national cultural jewel, and we receive thousands of visitors every year. The center itself is an attraction which is well worth a visit. In addition to the exhibits, the cultural activities and the exiting architecture, we can tempt visitors with gourmet food in our fabulous restaurant, Restaurant Bris.

The Norveg Museum shows how Norwegian fishing, communities have developed. It illustrates fishing technology and the biological basis for fishing from prehistoric times to the present. It stresses the importance of the oceans resources and how they are used.

Norveg will show you how Norway`s coastal communities have developed over 10.000 years, with exiting stories, a living society and tomorrow`s challenges. Norveg is a link joining past, present and future.

Norveg is located in a vibrant port area, enclosed by beautiful suroundings and an active industrial enviroment in the coastal town of Rørvik in the county of Nord-Trøndelag. Here you will find boatbuilding and fishing businesses and a population which is both proud and happy to show you its culture and history. And due to our unique location in Nærøysundet, between the mainland and the Vikna archipelago, we are in close touch with maritime transport.

Norveg- a natural meeting place for everyone who is interested in their own history and their own future.
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